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Choolaah Gives Fundraisers

Change the world.
One samosa at a time.

Our Vision at Choolaah is to transform the quality of life of everyone we touch. We are committed to being an impactful member of the community, and one way we do this is through easy-to-host fundraisers

Digital Fundraising

Digital Fundraising now available online.

Choolaah Gives is now easier than ever. Apply today and we'll assign your digital fundraiser with a unique code that can be used by your supporters when ordering online.

Fundraising with impact



It’s pretty straight forward, for every guest who identifies your organization while ordering in-store or
online at, we’ll donate 30% of their purchases to your cause, with no minimum. We’ll even
create a custom flyer for you to share with your supporters and help promote the event.

Fundraising made easy


Apply online today and we'll get back to you lickety split.


Shout out from your roof top or just use our flyer to promote to your peeps.


We'll tally up the loot and send you a check so you can keep doing good.

Have Questions? Visit our FAQ page.