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Our organization is part of a public school and doesn’t have a federal tax ID number.
No problem. The check is being made payable to the district and school, we can write a check to your school district without you submitting a federal tax ID number or W-9. We’ll address the check to your organization in the memo line.
I’m part of a student organization at a public college or university that doesn’t have its own tax information.
If we write the check to a public college or university, we can proceed without a W-9. You have the option to have the check made payable to your public college or university.
How long does it take to receive my check after the fundraiser?
Our checks take about 30 days to process and are then sent via U.S. mail. Checks will typically arrive between 30-45 days once your fundraiser is complete.
Can we pick up the check at the restaurant?
As our checks are sent from our accounting center, it is not possible to pick up your check from your local Choolaah restaurant.
I want to have the check made out to me directly instead of an organization.
We are unable to write checks to individuals, only to organizations. We ask for your organization’s federal tax information in order to verify everything and ensure we can write you a check after your fundraiser.
Can we promote at the restaurant?
Nope. All promotion must be done ahead of time and not in our restaurant or on the premises to our customers. Violating this policy may result in your fundraiser being cancelled. Handing out promotional material or verbally encouraging patrons in or directly outside the restaurant is prohibited.

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