Premium Comes Standard

There's something special about every ingredient we use. They all come with their own impressive adjectives and we track them from farm to fork because we believe in good karma. We don’t want even to think about what might happen tomorrow if we don’t serve you really good food today.

tandoori cooked chicken in a bowl

Premium Sourced


Our premium sourced tandoori chicken is cooked to perfection in our 600 degree tandoor ovens allowing the fat to drop away and seal in the yum, because we believe chicken should taste like, well chicken.

halal lamb meatballs ina dish

Family Ranched


Our Halal certified lamb graze on a diet of indigenous grasses, topped off with wholesome, vitamin­-packed grains. Raised by family ranchers who pass along their passion for sustainable care-taking generation after generation. We love supporting suppliers who are committed to sustainable, earth-friendly practices.

salon on a dish

Sustainably Raised


Our salmon comes from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic. Our salmon is fed a natural diet rich in sustainable marine resources. The North Atlantic is noted for its clear waters and steady temperatures, making it one of the finest fisheries in the world.

paneer cheese in a bowl

Artisan Cheese

Paneer Cheese

Choolaah’s fresh-curd paneer cheese is inspired by co-CEO Randhir’s grandmother’s own family recipe. Made from wholesome milk, our paneer is a fresh cheese masterpiece. Choolaah believes in using our resources to support family farms. We think Randhir’s grandmother would approve.

Spice Up Your Life

Spices and Herbs

Our unique spices from across the Indian subcontinent are shipped direct. Our proprietary ground spice blends not only taste good, but they have been revered for centuries in India. We use many authentic spices in our recipes, some of the most common include:



You know what mint tastes like. We use the very best to add brightness and pop to many of our dishes.

Star Anise


Star anise tastes a bit like licorice or black jellybeans. It adds exceptional flavor and joy to authentic Indian and also Chinese dishes.



Ajwain gets its flavor from thymol, the same essential oil found in thyme. Ajwain is similar to thyme but is sharper and more pungent.

Kashmiri Chili


Kashmiri chili is distinguished by it's brilliant red colour and mild pungency. It is grown in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and a number of other States.



Asafoetida brings a mild oniony-garlic flavor to foods. In Indian cooking, it is often used as a digestive aid to prevent trouser tremors (aka flatulence).



Cilantro looks like Italian parsley and has a notable pungent flavor that brings a unique depth and brightness to Indian dishes.

Black Cardamom


Black cardamom is a strong spice with a very pleasant, smoky flavor. It’s often added to chai tea to bring a note of earthy gingery depth.



Turmeric, more than almost any other spice, is renowned for its health and flavor benefits. It’s slightly bitter and has notes of orange or ginger. A true Indian staple.

Coriander Seeds


When crushed, coriander seeds have a citrusy, lemon-like flavor that brings a warm, spicy and nutty undertone to foods.

Cumin Seeds


Cumin is nutty, peppery and a key component of Indian, Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisine, known for its distinctive flavor and aroma.

Fenugreek Leaves


Sometimes described as a cross between celery and maple, the taste of fenugreek leaves is perfect for seasoning meats or making curry.



Ginger is one of the most universally loved flavors in cuisines around the world. It’s spicy, peppery, biting but also sweet. A taste like no other.