All your favorites in one big meal, customized for any occasion. You can choose your favorite proteins type of rice and tandoor baked naan. Want a flavor packed Masala or Daal? We’ve got you covered. You can even pick from our signature sauces then add some zing with our Whoa Hot Sauce.
tandoori chicken, halal lamb meatballs, roasted veggies, veggie croquettes and panner on white background.

Pick a protein


Lamb MeatballsGF

Paneer CheeseV,GF

Veggie CroquettesVE

Tofu & VeggiesVE,GF

white basmati rice and brown basmati rice

Pick a rice30 oz

Basmati riceve,gf

brown Basmati riceve,gf

naan and wheat naan

Pick a bread5 pcs


wheat naanve

tikka masala, chickpea masala, black lentil daal and yellow lentil daal

Pick a masala or daal1 qt

Tikka masalav,gf

chickpea masalave,gf

black lentil daalv,gf

yellow lentil daalve,gf

spicy mango chutney, mint chutney and tamarind apple

Pick a sauce1/2 pt

spicy mangove,gf

mint yogurtv,gf

tamarind appleve,gf

whoa hot sauce

Hot sauce1/2 pt

choolaah fireve,gf

Our Chef driven Masalas and Daals are created with our very own ground spice blends. Our premium sourced ingredients are slow cooked and jam packed with flavor, so good you might want to tell your guests you cooked it yourself.

Tikka MasalaV, GF

Our signature creamy tomato and onion sauce with herbs and custom ground spices.

Chickpea MasalaVE, GF

We slow cook our chickpeas just like grandma with exotic spices to a flavor packed sauce.

Black Lentil DaalV, GF

Rich creamy black lentils slow cooked with tomatoes and spices for a deep rich, and  flavorful vegetarian daal.

Yellow Lentil DaalVE, GF

Three lentils come together with vegetables, herbs and spices for vegan filled delight

Choolaah saladv

So good we put our name on it. Gourmet salad made with power greens. Includes pickled onions, crispy wheat naan chips, cucumbers, chopped tomatoes, roasted cauliflower, chickpeas, golden raisins and shredded paneer. Your choice of Plain, Chicken, Lamb, Paneer, Tofu & Veggies, or Veggie Croquettes. Available as gluten-free or vegan upon request. Dressings: Tamarind Ginger or Choolaah Ranch.
paneer cheese wrap, chicken wrap, vegan wrap and lamb wrap on white background

tandoori wrap assortment

Wraps packed full of deliciousness and made with our freshly baked naan or wheat naan bread.


lamb meatballs

paneer cheesev

cauliflower & chickpeave

rice and breads
Our flaky, soft and crispy naan is tandoor cooked in our 600 degree ovens. Our basmati rice is steamed on-site to tender perfection.

white basmati riceve,gf
brown basmati riceve,gf
10 pcs naanv
10 pcs wheat naanve


1/2 pint
serves 5-7

Spicy MangoVE, GF

A sweet and spicy Alphonso mango chutney.

Mint YogurtV, GF

Our chutney is made with fresh mint which gives this yogurt sauce a refreshing kick.

Tamarind AppleVE, GF

Our chutney is made with the sweetness of apple with the tang of tamarind.

Choolaah Ranch DressingV, GF

Our homemade ranch dressing is an Indian twist on the great American classic.

Tamarind Ginger DressingVE, GF

Our vegan dressing is a sweet and tangy vinaigrette that has a hint of ginger.

Whoa Hot SauceVE, GF

It's a gluten-friendly combo of tart and sweet that will put a smile on anyone's face. Heat Level: 5/10

Ouch Hot SauceVE, GF

This sauce is a delicious blend of green chilies, serrano and scorpion pepper that delivers a fresh, citrusy punch. Heat Level: 8/10

OMG Hot SauceVE, GF

This sauce is hot. Like slap-my-face hot. Like, serrano, scorpion and habanero pepper hot. Heat Level: 10/10

Kick off your shindig with any of our crowd pleasing appetizers. Our tasty street snacks are the perfect treat to get the party going.


Serves 10

Includes 20 pcs and a ½ pint mint yogurt sauce.

A classic Indian snack. Our house made crispy dough samosas are stuffed with potatoes, peas and exotic spices.

pav bhajiv

Serves 4-6

Includes 12 pav buns, 1 qt bhaji, green chillies, onions and lemons

Kinda like an Indian version of a veggie sloppy Joe. A flavorful preparation of vegetables, served with lightly toasted and buttered buns.

Naan bread & dipv

Serves 5-6

Includes selection of 5 cut naans and your choice of a masala or daal. Pick from tikka masala, chickpea masala, black lentil daal, yellow lentil daal.

roasted veggiesve,gf

Serves 5-6

A cornucopia of roasted cauliflower, red pepper, zucchini and sweet potatoes in delicious vegan marinade.

Want to keep it simple? Need a little extra or a lot of those items you crave for? Order any of our protein options by the pound.
tandoori chicken, halal lamb meatballs, roasted veggies, veggie croquettes and panner on white background.


Available by pound

Lamb meatballsgf

10 pcs per order

paneer cheesev,gf

16 pcs per order

veggie croquettesve

10 pcs per order

tofu & veggiesVE,GF

Available by pound

mango lassiv,gf

Half Gallon

Our classic Indian yogurt smoothie is made with non-GMO yogurt and imported Indian Alphonso mango purée.

mint ginger lemonadeve, gf

Half Gallon

We keep it simple, lemons, mint, water, sugar and a whole lotta delight.

Bottled Water

a stack of mango and malai kulfi

Mango & Malai
Kulfi Ice Creamv,gf

Our Mango ice cream is made from Imported Alphonso Mango and the Malai is lightly infused with cracked imported green cardamom.

a pile of chocolate truffles

Chocolate Trufflesv,gf

A chocolate ganache taste explosion coated in deep, rich chocolate.

  • V: Vegetarian
  • VE: Vegan
  • GF: Gluten Free